The City of Vorhal

The City of Vorhal


The capital and crowning jewel of the nation of Vorheim, The City of Vorhal honors the nearly 2,000 year old legacy of its founder, Selena Vor. One of the oldest cities on The Isle of Karseg, Vorhal has endured the test of time, but not without bearing a few scars. Rebuilt on several occasions throughout its years, and surviving its fair share of sieges, Vorhal boasts gleaming districts renovated and restored, and conceals old forgotten neighborhoods left worn and frayed by her passing struggles. The seat of Vorheim’s monarchy, Vorhal is currently home to the reigning Queen Alenna and her husband King Mardok. From the fortified walls of their castle in the northeast of the city, the pair oversees the affairs of their nation, and the future of the great city that founded it.

The Laws of Vorhal

The principal laws of Vorheim are designed to maintain equitable justice across the lands, but in a uniquely large metropolis like Vorhal, many laws needed to be refined, or entirely new laws added, in order to protect the peace. Thus, visitors to the city should familiarize themselves with The Laws of Vorhal in order to ensure they do not run afoul of the city guard. While most petty crimes can result in a fine or jail time, some larger infractions can have dire consequences. Ignorance of the law, as they say, does not excuse you from it.

Vorhal Districts

The Northeastern Quarter


Castle Vorhal
The Castle District
Founder’s Row
The Gardens
The Falls
The Waterway
The Woods

The Southeastern Quarter


The Garrison District
The Trades District
Nariah’s Row
Old Town
Miller’s Bend

The Southwestern Quarter


The Harbor District
Tusk Row

The Northwestern Quarter


Temple Hill
The Windway
The Rafters
The Mills
The Burrows
Farlow’s Hill
Fort Janston
The Hellhole
The Webway

The City of Vorhal

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