Rumors and Lore

Rumors and Lore

Storytellers circle about a fire to weave tales and entertain. Some tales though are based in truth. How much truth, is the question? Which rumors heard about town have merit, and which are just gossip from nosy washer women? Can the stories picked up on your journeys lead to something that may be more than just a story? Listen in on the tidbits below, and decide for yourself. Or, go back to the main page.

Rumors and lore

Rumors from The Rafters

  • “Two more dead in the streets just last night! That makes nearly a dozen this week. I don’t know what’s got them so riled, but those Mongrels are out of control! It’s just gotten worse over the last two weeks, and now I hear they’ve been recruiting like crazy. I’m told they’ve almost doubled in size! And they’re picking up the worst of the worst too. Violent brigands who are eager to spill blood to prove themselves. The poor guard are so overworked, I’m afraid they won’t be able to do anything to stop them!”

Rumors from Nariah’s Row

  • “Did you hear? Baroness Girayne’s shipping company just brought back tens of thousands of gold worth of jacinth from the eastern nations. VIAS is looking to pick up almost all of them! They’re planning some graduate exercises in the Astral Plane, and she’s the only one who’s been able to secure a supply! She’s going to make a small fortune off of the deal. You’d think other businesses would try to get in on the action? I guess they just aren’t cut out for it.”

Rumors from Tusk Row

  • “Those damn Banetusks don’t care who they hurt! Another street brawl that they instigated yesterday in the market, and a handful of people sent in need of a healer. Those wounded folks weren’t even involved, and one of them was just a child! This has got to stop! They started this mess with their greed and their egos, and now they’re just lashing out after the Spineshatters took back what was stolen from them. Just you wait! It’s all fists now, but sooner or later a dagger is getting drawn, and then we’ll be counting bodies instead of bruises.”

Rumors and Lore

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