Rumors and Lore

Rumors and Lore

Storytellers circle about a fire to weave tales and entertain. Some tales though are based in truth. How much truth, is the question? Which rumors heard about town have merit, and which are just gossip from nosy washer women? Can the stories picked up on your journeys lead to something that may be more than just a story? Listen in on the tidbits below, and decide for yourself. Or, go back to the main page.

Rumors and lore

Rumors from The Falls

  • “That guy was lookin’ ‘round ‘ere again last night. Spooked the livin’ ‘ell outta the lift operator, he did. He jus’…lingers, ya know? It’s not like he’s doin’ anythin’ wrong…yet anyway. He’s just a real creeper, if ya catch my meanin’. Tell me, what kinda folk be spendin’ all their time jus’ watchin’ fellows go up an’ down the lift? Gives me a bad vibe, that one! I tell ya, he’s up ta no good. I can promise ya’ that!”

Rumors from The Webway

  • “I swear I heard it again last night, that scraping and groaning! …no, it wasn’t coming from the neighbors’ place! It’s faint, and echoing, like it’s coming from inside the walls or something. It’s been happening more and more ever since that earthquake a few months ago. I hear it hit The Burrows pretty hard too. …what? No, it’s not a bear! It’s definitely not a bear. What’s it with you and bears!?”

Rumors from Temple Hill

  • “Did you hear they’re holding that Spring Festival again? Disgusting! Those smut peddlers and their ‘fertility ceremonies’. I’m telling you, it’s nothing more than an excuse to throw a sex party for the rich! I hear they won’t let you in for less than a hundred gold! Those greedy, lustful Arawaites! Shame on them! …what? No! Of course I’ve never been inside! …I just know! Who doesn’t? Everyone knows what they do in there! You’re just going to have to believe me.”

Rumors and Lore

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