Wagon's Rest

Wagon’s Rest

The Crafter’s District of Kadith is home to Wagon’s Rest, one of the few accommodations on its side of town. While most of the local area is devoted to craftsmen of various trades, a few buildings like the inn provide goods and services to the resident and passerby alike. Wagon’s Rest is a traditional single story building tucked right alongside the main crossroads of the Crafter’s District. Guests can find a comfortable room for a reasonable rate, and more often than not availability is far from a concern. For their coin, a patron enjoys the comfort of a bed, desk, chair and a trunk to store their belongings. Additionally, each room comes with a washroom that offers a tub, toilet, counter and wash basin. On the counter sits a small placard that says “Hot water” on one side and “Water” on the other. There is a peg outside the room upon which the sign can be hung.

Persons of note

  • Aaron Stevenson, owner
  • Jennifer Watson, innkeeper
  • Victor Jones, inkeeper
  • Nancy Emmonds, housekeeper
  • Regina Olsen, housekeeper
  • Gregory Seaton, waterboy

Wagon's Rest

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