Trail's End Wagon Crafters

Trail’s End Wagon Crafters

The lumber yards and warehouses of Trail’s End Wagon Crafters sit on the northwest of Kadith’s Crafters District, covering almost an entire city block. In addition to high quality wagons and carts, Trail’s End also turns out small wooden furniture sets and security chests. Having a knack for their trade, the carpenters at Trail’s End have also found themselves assisting the city of Kadith on occasion with the construction of a new building. Rumor has it that the wagon crafters are currently looking into the potential possibility of branching into construction full time. Regardless of what direction they intend to take their business, any customer can expect to receive only the best workmanship from Trail’s End Wagon Crafters.

Persons of note

  • Augusto Arsetti, owner
  • Ryan Lancaster, foreman
  • Kurt Benton, carpenter
  • Neil Southland, carpenter
  • Shawn Michaels, carpenter

Trail's End Wagon Crafters

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