Tor'Unga Basin

The island of Tor’Unga

Tor unga basin

Tor’Runga is a wild land where the survival of the fittest is law. It came as no surprise that it was this inhospitable place that the legendary ranger Devyani Twoknives chose as her kingdom on Taris. From the oceans, the continent is surounded by high cliffs and rocky shores. The lagoon of Black Sands is the only port of call here and is the portal to the interior of the island continent, Tor’Unga Basin.

The Tor’Runga Basin is the immense crater of a semi-dormant volcano. Lush, tropical rain forest are it’s main feature on the Northern half with lava fields to the south. The only civilization in the basin is found in the tree top town of Eagle’s Perch. It has a diverse population (5,000 – 7,500) consisting of lizard folk, humanoids, a pack of shifters and kenku, who hold a closer resemblance to parrots than their raven like cousins.

In the center of the basin is a mountain peak call Tor’Ru Naga. It is snow capped year round and is home to giant eagles and other large flying predators. Ancient lava tubes interweave through the mountain and are considered sacred by the Poison Dusk lizard folk who live in the basin. They believe the heart of the volcano sleeps within and to enter the tubes would risk awakening it. Explorers to the region speculate that what the lizard fear to awaken is not the volcano but a great wyrm who rests in the mountain. This is only speculation, for those explorers wishing to prove their theory where never heard from again.

The Basin is split by a long, deep rift. This separates the jungles from the active lava flows the the south. The rift is deep and magma flows at the bottom releasing toxic gases continuously. Except for the odd abberation, elemental or magical beast, no wildlife survives living along the sulfur encrusted rift. Trying to cross is not advisable, but it can be bypassed to the south east of the basin.

Miles of black obsidian cover the land to the south. This barren terrain is known as the Razor Fields due to the deadly nature of the unstable, glass like stone covering the ground. The stone is valuable to the tribes in the area for weapon making and they will eagerly trade for it.

Tor unga exploration

The south west teems with active lava flows and lakes, known as the Pools of Tor’Ru. Elementals and fire based creatures are prolific here.

To the west of the the Razor Fields stands a group of 5 monoliths of obsidian. Called the Tor’Ru Ka by zealous druids who reside here, they worship the spirit of the volcano, Tor’Ru. Xenophobic and practicing the belief that a thorough destruction is necessary for a fruitful rebirth, they are not welcoming to strangers and have on the occasion practiced human sacrifice. They make their homes in lava tubes near the Tar’ Ru Ka.

Eagles  perch

Cities and Towns of Tor’Unga

Eagles’ Perch
Black Sands
Tor’Ru Ka
Serpents Run
Mak’Haret (lizard folk)

Tor'Unga Basin

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