The Lamplight Inn

The Lampligt Inn

Simple and modest, just like Kadith’s Southtown District, The Lamplight Inn hosts a wide variety of travelers visiting town. Those who wish to see the city or conduct business, but still stay clear of the city life, tend to make their stay at this quiet inn. One of the first inns available as a visitor comes into Kadith, The Lamplight Inn is also the place of choice for those who don’t plan on staying in town long, or for those who are simply passing through. The basic rooms offered at the inn consist of a simple bed, a table with two chairs, a trunk to store one’s belongings and a nightstand beside the bed. The washroom comes with a tub & shower, a toilet and a wash basin atop and wooden counter. Postings hang above the wash basin and tub that read “See front desk for water”.

Persons of note

  • Hannah Pierce, owner
  • Oscar Nicholson, innkeeper
  • Wendy Ellis, inkeeper
  • Dianne Adams, housekeeper
  • Carrie Bennet, housekeeper
  • Eric Pierce, waterboy

The Lamplight Inn

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