Rusty Pick

The Rusty Pick

The oldest tavern in all of Kadith, The Rusty Pick is situated in what is now the back alleyways of The Crafters District. Buried behind the clustered buildingscape of the older portions of the city, this tavern usually sees only locals as patrons. Most visitors or passerbys tend to steer clear of the more derilict back alleyways, and even those locals who frequent The Rusty Pick find themselves looking over their shoulders on their way around the unlit streets. Once inside, customers can find seating at the bar, in the central common area or in booths along the side walls. A single narrow stairway leads up to the loft area, which houses several tables and is dimly lit by a small lantern resting on each one.

Persons of note

  • Remmy Vincent, owner
  • Kenneth Logan, barkeeper
  • Alan Stewart, barkeeper
  • Nathan Goldshire, barkeeper

Rusty Pick

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