Theng Shurorgh

Half-Orc cleric of Kord, searching the land for people of great character.


Theng was born on a cold night, first son of an orcish hunter and a human adventurer. The labor had been long and the village elder had been unwilling to stop the caravan for fear of losing the trail of the bison herd in the winter storm that had been raging since the previous day. It had been exhausting but the couple rested easy in their tent, happy and healthy with their newborn son.

Thengs orcish mother had found his father on a hunting expedition, broken and dying on a snow covered mountain pass. She took pity on him and as she nursed him back to health he told her of his adventures. Of the battles he had fought, the job that had taken him north, and of the ogre ambush that had killed his friends and left him dying. Thengs mother found his tiny teeth and delicate pink skin cute. She taught him the names of the mountains, how to find his way by the peaks, and how to spot the tracks of game in the snow.

When Theng was a few years old his father was visited by a group of grim looking mercenaries. They seemed to be led by a beardless one-eyed dwarf. Accompanying the dwarf was a well dressed elf with brilliant blue hair, two identical humans wearing strange signet rings, and a silent painted orc of an unfamiliar tribe. Thengs father talked with the dwarf in private and left with the mercenaries the next morning. He said he had to see to something back home. He said he would meet the village by the big lake in the spring. Theng would not see his father for a long time.

Adolescence – introduction to the Thunder God, mentor, training, learning the Ways of His People. Value loyalty over all else. Quick to trust. How else is loyalty tested besides trust? Slow to forgive. An unworthy person must show sincere desire to reform. Angry outbursts shaped into worship of the Thunder God

Fighting is not unusual for orcish children but Theng would launch into violence at the slightest provocation. Theng was much smaller than the orcish children and so at the end of each fight he would pick himself up, gather his missing teeth, and find the village cleric Rakgu Snugug. During the many hours they spent putting his teeth back in Rakgu would teach Theng the lessons of the Thunder God.

As Theng got older he began to study with Rakgu more formally as her apprentice. At first his only goal was to be able to put his own face back together, but the more he learned the more the beliefs appealed to him.

One day a three headed calf was seen wandering the bison herd, One Eyed Lefty rolled a perfect Yahtzee, and a messenger arrived with a letter for Theng. The letter read

Theng Shurorgh,
My name is Arthur and I fought with your father in The War. I am writing to you because he may be in trouble and the trouble could find your village. If you are in Vorhal come find me at 123 High Street in the the Rafters district. It could be nothing. Your father has disappeared before.
Arthur Paberos, of the Stonevale mercenaries

After conferring with the village elder Rakgu determined that this was a portent. The Thunder God had determined that something important to the villagewould take place in CITY and Theng must be there.

Theng’s mother would travel with him to the foothills of the mountains, and then Theng would be on his own with the letter,14 gold pieces, and Rakgus mystical instruction that he “find people of great character”

Theng Shurorgh

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