Welcome to the bountiful new world of Taris! Dozens of island nations await the eager explorer, each founded in Taris’ great archipelago of continents. Adventure’s call longs for your answer…will you take up your blade and follow it?

Chapter VIII Focus

Chapter VIII will be focusing on area surrounding The Thur Imperium, on The Isle of Karseg. Please use the link for quick and easy access to the main campaign region’s setting information.

Campaign Resources

The below resources will help you navigate the campaign world of Taris as well as offer various other storyline features.

The World of Taris
  • Discover the history of Taris.
  • Explore its many newfound island nations.
  • Tour the various cities and towns of each country.
Quest Log
  • Track the progress of quests underway.
  • View completed quests and see the party’s accomplishments.
  • See the reputation of each party member with various organizations.
Rumors and Lore
  • Hear recent rumors that have come into town.
  • Learn about rare items with a rich history.
  • Enjoy a short story overheard at the local tavern.


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