The Woods

The Woods


To the west of The Gardens lies the unkempt forested district of The Woods. One of The City of Vorhal‘s early Elven immigrant communities, The Woods was torn through due to rioting during Avaryn’s War and the War of Five Holds, and was never fully rebuilt. The Elves, not being wholly tolerated anywhere else, resided in mass in here, and quickly strained the edges of the district’s borders. As time passed and acceptance of other races grew, the Elves were able to find homes outside of The Woods, however it remains to this day an overly cramped and neglected district, boasting nearly as many untended trees as it harbors residents.


  • Races: Mostly Elves
  • Population: Moderate
  • Wealth: Low
  • Businesses: Low
  • Guard Presence: Low
  • Crime: Moderate


With over crowded homes taking up most of the available space both on the ground and in the boughs above, a scarcity of passerbys, and limited coin to go around, there are only a few businesses of note in The Woods. Those that do manage to make ends meet simply offer basic goods and services. Shops here do not see much in the way of guard patrols, and most storefronts are vulnerable to break ins. As a result, they typically can only afford to purchase up to one hundred or so gold worth of merchandise per month, and sometimes none at all.

  • Type of Business: Bowyer and Fletcher
  • Stock Threshold: 100gp
  • Purchase Threshold: 50gp
  • Proprietor: Adannis Illivrin, Elven Male, 418
The Cache
  • Type of Business: General Goods
  • Stock Threshold: 100gp
  • Purchase Threshold: 25gp
  • Proprietor: Quilanna Derillien, Elven Female, 327
Ehlonna’s Rest
  • Type of Business: Inn
  • Stock Threshold: 50gp
  • Purchase Threshold: N/A
  • Proprietor: Serilee Botella, Elven Female, 199
Everbloom Terrace
  • Type of Business: Tavern
  • Stock Threshold: 50gp
  • Purchase Threshold: N/A
  • Proprietor: Vadia Everbloom, Elven Female, 265


Home to mostly residences and a few businesses, there are no organizations of note present in The Woods.

The Woods

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