The Windway

The Windway


One of the poorer districts in The City of Vorhal, The Windway is a jumbled maze of snaking streets, abrupt dead ends and narrow alleyways. Built up abruptly without forethought by the residents who immigrated to the city en masse, the layout of The Windway is almost maddening for non-residents, and considered by many to be virtually unmappable. Much of this district was destroyed during the attacks by Narrinyx in the years 1077 to 1066 BQ’A, and like many of the nearby areas in squalor, did not receive any aid from the city for reconstruction. As a result, old layouts of the district and new ones are overlayed, and no accurate documents detailing the area are believed to exist. While residents don’t seem to face many issues in finding their way, visitors to the district are easily lost, and often times fall victim to one of the area’s violent gangs.


  • Races: Varied
  • Population: High
  • Wealth: Low
  • Businesses: Low
  • Guard Presence: Low
  • Crime: High


With the poor conditions in The Windway, businesses tend to be sparse, and typically only stock essential items or services, and nothing more. The shops here offer only meager goods, as most residents rarely have the coin for anything more. Businesses in The Windway almost never see the guard patrol their streets, and are frequently targets of theft or vandalism. With the shops here barely able to sustain themselves, they can rarely afford to purchase even the cheapest of wares each month.

Mellie’s Wares
  • Type of Business: General Goods
  • Stock Threshold: 100gp
  • Purchase Threshold: 50gp
  • Proprietor: Mellie Primrose, Halfling Female, 70
Walker Street Bunkhouse
  • Type of Business: Inn
  • Stock Threshold: 50gp
  • Purchase Threshold: N/A
  • Proprietor: Kona Bonebreaker, Half Orc Female, 32
A.R.D. Jones, Private Detective
  • Type of Business: Investigator
  • Stock Threshold: Negotiable
  • Purchase Threshold: N/A
  • Proprietor: Anzu Jones, Tiefling Male, 22
The Crooked Tankard
  • Type of Business: Tavern
  • Stock Threshold: 50gp
  • Purchase Threshold: N/A
  • Proprietor: Thavii Serixius, Dragonborn Female, 46


As it is an overpopulated and impoverished district, comprised mostly of ramshackle residences, there are no organizations of note in The Windway.

The Windway

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