The Mills

The Mills


Once the site of The City of Vorhal‘s original farming communities, The Mills held pastures, orchards, windmills and waterwheels that spanned far to the west of what was once the city’s limits. As the city grew and its borders crept ever closer to the farmsteads, land was bought up, and the farms eventually relocated to the northern valleys a few days away. As the edges of the city were typically the areas settled by immigrants who couldn’t afford to live in the areas near the city’s center, these vacated farmland were settled into as they were, and the rest of the city hastily built itself up around them. Nowadays, the district has been come to be known as The Mills, a reference to the occasional dilapidated windmill, waterwheel, silo or farmhouse that peeks up in between the derelict slums. While crime is less rampant here than in the neighboring shanty towns, the river that runs through The Mills is an attractive place for criminals to dispose of bodies. Many locals will advise those who might be passing through to stay away from the water as night draws near, for the murderers who lurk there aren’t likely to have any qualms about killing again.


  • Races: Varied
  • Population: High
  • Wealth: Low
  • Businesses: Low
  • Guard Presence: Low
  • Crime: High


With the many residents of The Mills doing their best just to get by from day to day, businesses here are not a common sight, and often stock little more than what they can sell in a week. The shops here get by on what most would consider your simple, everyday wares, as customers are rare and their coin hard to come by. Businesses in The Mills almost never see the guard patrol their streets, and are frequently targets of theft or vandalism. With the shops here barely staying in business, they can seldom afford to purchase more than their normal stock of wares each month.

The Crocoseum
  • Type of Business: Crocodile Wrangler
  • Stock Threshold: 50gp
  • Purchase Threshold: N/A
  • Proprietor: Stephen Robert, Human Male, 44
Wilton’s General Store
  • Type of Business: General Goods
  • Stock Threshold: 100gp
  • Purchase Threshold: 25gp
  • Proprietor: Wilton Buckfoot, Halfling Male, 41
The Barn Loft
  • Type of Business: Inn
  • Stock Threshold: 50gp
  • Purchase Threshold: N/A
  • Proprietor: Juliette VanGreir, Human Female, 39
The Burnished Barrel
  • Type of Business: Tavern
  • Stock Threshold: 50gp
  • Purchase Threshold: N/A
  • Proprietor: Aubrie Naltheas, Half Elf Female, 67

The Mills

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