The Isle of Karseg

The Isle of Karseg


Located in the seas to the west of the continents settled by Que’Ati’s refugees, the Isle of Karseg is a pre-exodus land that is home to many ancient Taris cultures. The landscape of Karseg is diverse, it’s expanse dotted with mountain ranges, forests, swamps, jungles, deserts, grasslands, and frigid northern reaches.

Nations of Karseg

Numerous nations call the Isle of Karseg home, many of which have foundations dating back thousands of years. Tensions between neighbors have risen and abated over the years, with some old hatreds still running deep among the more ancient nations. Embroiled in their own local conflicts, most countries engage in little trade or skirmish with other continents, keeping their interests primarily within Karseg’s shorelines.

The Kingdom of Vorheim

Vorheim is a kingdom with a long and rich history, having survived nearly 2,000 years since it’s founding in 1909 BQ’A. Learn more about the history of vorheim, or tour its various cities below.

The City of Vorhal
Randol’s Tower
Hawker’s Mill
Avaryn’s Fork
Avaryn’s Crossing

The Empire of Illisyr

An ancient Elven empire dating back thousands of years, the Empire of Illisyr has rarely sought to expand beyond its own borders, barring occasional conflicts with its neighboring nations. Located in the verdant northwestern forests, the Elves here live prosperously alongside nature, practicing reverence and deep respect of their woodland home.

Arbor’s Gate
City 7
City 8

The Thur Imperium

Founded roughly 1,000 years ago, the Thur Imperium expanded rapidly from its roots between the forks of the Urrendt River. Initially content to thrive off of peaceful trade, later Emperors drove their armies aggressively to push the borders of the Empire further and further, in ceaseless attempts to outshine their predecessors. The resulting conflicts led to a series of bloody wars with the neighboring Empire of Illisyr and the Kingdom of Vorheim. Successful campaigns against the armies and tribes of The Ferals also secured additional lands for The Thur Imperium until they were lost due to over aggressions in the early part of the 7th century BQ’A. Recent attempts to reclaim the region resulted in a devastating conflict that spanned over a hundred years, and claimed an untold number of lives.

Artyx Hold
City 9
City 10
City 11

The Isle of Karseg

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