The Gardens

The Gardens


Located north of Founder’s Row and nestled up against the base of the foothills that over look The City of Vorhal, The Gardens are home to many of the wealthier residents of the city who wished to still live somewhat closer to nature. The streets of this district are lined with planters that house trees, flowering plants and other greenery. Manicured pathways and gardens meander their way across the thoroughfares, fed by aqueducts and streams that trickle and amble along their lengths.


  • Races: Varied, mostly Humans, Elves and Halflings
  • Population: Low
  • Wealth: High
  • Businesses: Low
  • Guard Presence: Moderate
  • Crime: Low


As it is a primarily residential district, and much of its unoccupied space is filled with trees, gardens, streams and greenways, most businesses in The Gardens serve only their immediate residents and offer more day to day goods, with the occasional cultural exception. Shops will often times have their own hired guards to mind the storefronts, and can typically afford to purchase hundreds of gold worth of merchandise per month.

Larethian’s Blade
  • Type of Business: Blacksmith
  • Stock Threshold: 1,500gp
  • Purchase Threshold: 750gp
  • Proprietor: Seredine Lumnaara, Elf Female, 311
Draped in Moonlight
  • Type of Business: Clothier
  • Stock Threshold: 200gp
  • Purchase Threshold: 50gp
  • Proprietor: Adina Siandell, Elf Female, 208
The Knapsack
  • Type of Business: General Goods
  • Stock Threshold: 500gp
  • Purchase Threshold: 200gp
  • Proprietor: Cedric Proudvale, Halfling Male, 57
The Grove
  • Type of Business: Inn
  • Stock Threshold: 200gp
  • Purchase Threshold: N/A
  • Proprietor: Stanton Arbrook, Half Elf Male, 51
Stag’s Peak Winery
  • Type of Business: Winery
  • Stock Threshold: 200gp
  • Purchase Threshold: N/A
  • Proprietor: Jerras Lorian, Elf Male, 442


Home to mostly residences and a few businesses, there are no organizations of note present in The Gardens.

The Gardens

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