Nariah's Row

Nariah’s Row


In the 900’s BQ’A, Queen Nariah Vor determined that The City of Vorhal needed to provide better opportunities for its residents and military to learn and practice the intricate secrets of magic. Named in her honor, Nariah’s Row was built, a district filled with magical academies, alchemists, reagent shops and other such institutions. As interest blossomed, new schools were built, and as each university developed its own identity and pride, rivalries inevitably grew. Today, schools can be seen competing with one another in tournaments or festivals, and occasionally the quickly broken up street battle. In order to settle their rivalries without interruption, many students have started competing in battles using Familiar Stones, or “Fightstones”. Such contests can sometimes be seen taking place in side alleys, or hidden away and gambled on in illegal underground arenas.


  • Races: Varied, mostly Humans, Elves, Drow, Gnomes and Tieflings
  • Population: Low
  • Wealth: Moderate
  • Businesses: Moderate
  • Guard Presence: Low
  • Crime: Low


With the constant flow of students, scholars and other magically inclined folks, the businesses in Nariah’s Row tend to stock mostly spell components, alchemical ingredients and other magical wares. The shops here offer a variety of goods and services, but seem to lend themselves more so to the interests of the students and scholars who pass through. Businesses in Nariah’s Row don’t see many guards patrolling their streets, but nonetheless have few issues with theft or vandalism. As many of the students and other customers here regularly spend a fair amount of money, the shops are able to afford purchasing a few hundred gold worth of wares each month.

  • Type of Business: Alchemist
  • Stock Threshold: 300gp
  • Purchase Threshold: 150gp
  • Proprietor: Sir Antonius “Mixalot” Raymond, Human Male, 54
Wizarding Wear
  • Type of Business: Clothier
  • Stock Threshold: 100gp
  • Purchase Threshold: 25gp
  • Proprietor: Arella Listrian, Elven Female, 281
Kanto Stones
  • Type of Business: Familiar Stones
  • Stock Threshold: 3,000gp
  • Purchase Threshold: 1,500gp
  • Proprietor: Samuel Oak, Human Male, 50
Nariah’s Market
  • Type of Business: General Store
  • Stock Threshold: 200gp
  • Purchase Threshold: 100gp
  • Proprietor: Krinna Dal’Gorr, Drow Female, 172
The Inn-cantation Lodge
  • Type of Business: Inn
  • Stock Threshold: 100gp
  • Purchase Threshold: N/A
  • Proprietor: Tikka Nangel, Gnome Female, 139
The Quiller’s Archives
  • Type of Business: Spell Scribe
  • Stock Threshold: 500gp
  • Purchase Threshold: 250gp
  • Proprietor: Soven Il’Vurn, Tiefling Male, 48
The Scholar’s Den
  • Type of Business: Tavern
  • Stock Threshold: 100gp
  • Purchase Threshold: N/A
  • Proprietor: Syrelle Auberodel, Elf Female, 173
The Sorcerer’s Barrel
  • Type of Business: Tavern
  • Stock Threshold: 100gp
  • Purchase Threshold: N/A
  • Proprietor: Elliya Burken, Gnome Female, 85


Dominated by colleges, academies and universities of all sorts, Nariah’s Row houses a number of magical institutions and organizations. Many of these groups find themselves in competition over students, resources and fame. As a result, organizational pride often results in tense rivalries, and can quickly escalate to confrontation after a few drinks in a busy tavern.

The Vor Institute of Arcane Sciences (VIAS)

The original and oldest organization of magical learning in Nariah’s Row, faculty and students at VIAS boast a proud tradition of being “first” in anything and everything they can lay claim to. Members often consider VIAS to be the only “true” institute of learning, believing that other organizations simply pick up their arcane crumbs and are never really the forerunners of anything meaningful. They’ve been known to joke that other schools are so sub par, that they can’t even afford a fourth letter in their name. Students at VIAS can study all manner of arcane magics, the most talented of which can be taught spells of up to 9th level by the Archmage Quirran.

The Vorhal Academy of Magic (VAM)

When the classrooms of VIAS became too full and students started getting turned away, the city opened a second school to ensure that no worthy applicants would be passed over. VAM was founded roughly 100 years after its predecessor, and the two remained the only active organizations for some time. While not able to claim the prestige of being the “first” school of magic, VAM still boasts an impressive selection of classes, and can provide the highest level of instruction available. An unusually high percentage of VAM’s students count themselves as Warlocks and Sorcerers, and happen to be, as other schools put it, “unnecessarily pretty” or “distractingly attractive”. Those students who possess the aptitude can learn arcane magics of up to 9th level from the Archmage Solden.

Tellion’s School of the Arance (TSA)

In the 600’s BQ’A, a Grandmaster Wizard by the name of Tellion decided to open a school of his own in Nariah’s Row. Disheartened by the ever growing costs of the other magical institutions, Tellion committed to making his classes affordable to the common student, and not simply a lavish luxury only accessible to the nobility. Snubbed by the other two schools as being a “poor man’s college”, TSA has been the subject of many disparaging jokes and comments throughout the years. While the admission prices remain some of the lowest in Vorhal, TSA normally can’t afford the caliber of instructors that other colleges employ. As such, their Grandmaster Rolland can only teach students arcane spells of up to 5th level.

The University of Scholarly Casters (USC)

Looking to provide a middle ground solution for students who didn’t necessarily demonstrate interest in the absolute mastery of arcane magic, but who were looking for a bit more than TSA could offer, USC was founded in the late 500’s BQ’A. USC attendees are often regarded as “too relaxed” or even “careless” by other schools, who see their more whimsical regard for magic as almost insulting. Students at USC can enroll in a multitude of classes, with those demonstrating exceptional skills capable of learning arcane spells of up to 7th level from High Mage Leodric.

The Greenleaf Academy (Greenleaf)

Established around the same time as USC, Greenleaf was named after its founder and Archdruid, who sought to offer city dwelling naturalist divine casters a place to practice and hone their craft. While appearing more like an arbor than an institute of learning, Greenleaf is capable of offering the finest instruction available outside of a true Druid Ring. Those students who have truly attuned to nature can learn Druid spells of up to 7th level from the High Druid Kepesk.

The Agent of the Divine University (ADU)

While the churches on Temple Hill sought mainly to offer worship to the gods and services to their parishioners, those seeking to learn to better master their divine gifts would sometimes find difficulty in locating an institution for doing so. A number of High Priests who felt that their acolytes would benefit from a more focused environment elected to found ADU. Accepting applicants of various faiths, ADU offers general instruction of the mainstay of divine magic. Students here can learn from a variety of Grandmaster Priests, who can teach Cleric spells of up to 5th level. Further instruction beyond 5th level spells is available at the churches on Temple Hill.

The Arcanists’ School of Mastery (ASM)

Focusing on refining the highest level of the magical arts, ASM was established in the mid 400’s BQ’A, and offered only courses for those who had already mastered years of study. While not quite as expensive as older institutions, attendance of ASM is not for the light of coin. Attendees here often seem to preoccupy themselves with thoughts of the future, or high applications of magic, regarding other schools as spending too much time focusing on “the basics” or “antiquated” uses of magic. Qualified students enrolled in courses here can learn arcane spells of 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th levels from the Archmage Kestra.

Attronox’s College of Wizardry (ACW)

A relatively new institution of learning compared to its competitors, ACW was founded by the High Mage Attronox in the early 300’s BQ’A, where he continues to teach to this day. Students here are taught in a particularly “by the book” fashion, with lessons focusing on proper form, incant and inscription. While Attronox’s methods are regarded by many as overly rigorous, and his students thought of as too meticulous, his results are quite unquestionable. Students studying under him can be taught arcane spells of up to 7th level.

The Vorheim Warmage’s Institute (VWI)

Established during the second war against the Thur Imperium, VWI is a school whose enrollment is specifically restricted to members of the Vorheim military. Students here are specifically trained for combat functions in their assigned roles, and undergo the same rigorous and structured style of education as any other military training. As such, other schools mock them as “elitist warmongers” or “uptight militants” behind their backs, but typically have the good sense not to let the VWI students hear the insult. The military Grand Masters at VWI can teach general arcane magics of up to 5th level, and the Archmage Uran focuses on Evocation spells of up to 9th level.

Nariah's Row

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