A friend in need

A Friend in Need


  • Various friends of Page Scratcher are called together to a secret meeting in the cellar beneath The Vanguard Tavern in Westgate. Curtis, the proprietor of the bar and a friend of Page’s, speaks with the assembled party on the Kenku’s behalf. The party learns that Page’s residence has been burned down, and his son is either dead or missing. To make matters worse, Page’s shop was immediately broken into and ransacked, and he was pursued by thugs who lurked nearby after he emerged from hiding. Curtis informs the party that Page has asked for their help in locating his son, recovering his client’s rare tomes that he stashed during his escape, and somehow finding out who or what is behind all of these cruel misfortunes.


  • Investigate Page Scratcher’s burned residence for clues regarding his son
  • Investigate the abandoned fishery and recover Page’s hidden articles
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A friend in need

Taris Tevas