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    !(media-item-align-none)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/272378/Adventuring_Party.png?1386745143(Adventuring_Party.png)! Welcome to the bountiful new world of [[Taris]]! Dozens of island nations await the …

  • Quest Log

    Quest Log

    Welcome to the Quest Log! Here, the quests undertaken by the party are archived and made available for all to see! Some public quests of individuals may also be listed here. Browse through the hero's tales of bravery and see what …

  • Sunday Quest Logs

    Party Quest Log

    Party's Active Quests

    * [[The Butcher of the Docks]] * [[Law and Order]]

    Party's Completed Quests

    * [[Its GMO free|It’s GMO free!]] * [[Vyxerion down, server first|Vyxerion down, server first!]] * …

  • Celebraan

    Celebraan, The Silver City

    Founded upon a broad peninsula in southwest [[The continent of Airini|Airini]], the city of the Silver Queen rises across the horizon, a shining display of the prominence of the nation's capital. Within the …

  • The Platinum Isle

    The Platinum Isle

    Platinum Isle is said to have been created by Bahamut himself as a gift on [[Taris]] to the Silver Queen. No one knows exactly how this small island came to be, though an overview definitely gives the impression of draconic …

  • shimmer-city

    Shimmer City

    The capital city of [[The Platinum Isle]], Shimmer City, is also the largest and most frequently trafficked settlement on the island. The population of around 12,000 residents consists of a mix of miners, merchants, seafarers, …

  • Shimmer City

    Shimmer City

    The capital city of [[The Platinum Isle]], Shimmer City, is also the largest and most frequently trafficked settlement on the island. The population of around 12,000 residents consists of a mix of miners, merchants, seafarers, …

  • Sha'La


    Five days' journey to the northeast of [[The Platinum Isle|The Platinum Isle's]] capital of Shimmer City lies the small farming community of Sha'La. Connected by The High Road, this pleasant town frequently sends caravans of produce …

  • Glitterdust


    Along the furthest southeastern tip of [[The Platinum Isle]], at the edge of The Clawed Peaks lies the pirate city of Glitterdust.

    Places of note

    !(media-item-align-none)//db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/assets/ …

  • The Clawed Peaks

    The Clawed Peaks

    This perilous mountain range runs the south eastern stretch of [[The Platinum Isle]] along the peninsula that defines the island's "claw". The jagged mountain tops in some places appear as sharp as claws, and abrupt plunges …

  • The Cresting Mountains

    The Cresting Mountains

    The northeastern coastline of [[The Platinum Isle]] is home to the imposing sea cliffs and snow capped peaks that make up The Cresting Mountains. Isolated from the rest of the island by the intervening Clawed Peaks, …

  • The Dragon's Spine

    The Dragon's Spine

    In the year 41 AQ'A, a bountiful vein of platinum was found in the northern mountain range of the island, giving it the name [[The Platinum Isle]]. This discovery brought a great many settlers, each seeking their fortune at …

  • Glimmering Isles

    Glimmering Isles

    Along the south western tail of [[The Platinum Isle]] are a series of small islands known as the Glimmering Isles. These islands help serve as a break to the currents and waves of the open ocean, and the reefs that run …

  • Winged Lake

    Winged Lake

    Resting in the northernmost section of [[The Platinum Isle]], Winged Lake is the largest body of fresh water on the island. Bountiful fishing can be found in the lake, and its waters feed rivers that flow through the nearby …

  • Shimmer City Courthouse

    Shimmer City Courthouse

    At the far end of Platinum Plaza in the Old Town district of [[Shimmer City]], the Shimmer City Courthouse stands as the legal and political center point for the capital. This three story building houses not only the …

  • Shimmer City Planning Office

    Shimmer City Planning Office

    Platinum Plaza in [[Shimmer City]] is home to beautiful gardens ringed by the government buildings that ensure the city's operation is well conducted. Of these buildings, the Shimmer City Planning Office is …

  • Shimmer City Commerce Office

    Shimmer City Commerce Office

    From behind the secure and reinforced walls of the Shimmer City Commerce Office, the coin and financial assets of [[Shimmer City]] are counted and guarded away. Not just a glorified bank, the Office also issues …

  • The Platinum Temple

    The Platinum Temple

    At the heart of [[Shimmer City|Shimmer City's]] Old Town, crowning the southern side of Platinum Plaza can be found the construction site for The Platinum Temple. Similar to the sister temple in Celebraan, this structure …

  • The Dragon's Nest

    The Dragon's Nest

    The most renowned Inn to be found in the Old Town district of [[Shimmer City]], The Dragon's Nest is an elegant and refined venue frequented by wealthy visiting merchants and nobles. Each of the luxurious suites features an …

  • The Dragon's Den

    The Dragon's Den

    In [[Shimmer City]] there is one tavern that is regarded above all others as the most elegant place to drink and dine. This tavern is The Dragon's Den, located in Old Town and adjoined to The Dragon's Nest. Frequented by …

  • Alkabor's Emporium Exotica

    Alkabor's Emporium Exotica

    In the Old Town district of [[Shimmer City]] stands the enticing and outlandish market known as Alkabor's Emporium Exotica. The great mage Alkabor prides himself in gathering the most exotic and far fetched wares …

  • The Marketplace

    The Marketplace

    Simply called "The Marketplace" by the residents of [[Shimmer City]], Old Town's central open air shopping area is a bustling square filled with locals and visitors alike. Merchants of all walks peddle their wares in the …

  • The Leafway

    The Leafway

    The largest park in [[Shimmer City]], The Leafway is a gorgeous walk of trees and gardens, dotted with open grassy expanses and trails. The central fixture in Platinum Plaza, The Leafway is ringed by the offices that govern the …

  • Crescent's Quest Log

    Crescent's Quest Log
    * [[Chosen of the Stars]]
    Crescent's Completed Quests
    * Crescent has no completed quests at this time. [[Sunday Archives|Back to the Party Quest Log]]

  • Lapidem's Quest Log

    Lapidem's Quest Log
    * Lapidem has no active quests at this time.
    Lapidem's Completed Quests
    * [[The meaning of friendship]] [[Sunday Archives|Back to the Party Quest Log]]

  • Nera's Quest Log

    Nera's Quest Log
    * [[Without a mentor]]
    Nera's Completed Quests
    * Nera has no completed quests at this time.
    Nera's Faction Standing
    p. * The Silver Knights
      0 / 5
    * Shimmer City Guard …

  • Saraphyn's Quest Log

    Saraphyn's Quest Log
    * Saraphyn has no active quests at this time.
    Saraphyn's Completed Quests
    * [[I like turtles!]] [[Sunday Archives|Back to the Party Quest Log]]

  • Tobin's Quest Log

    Tobin's Quest Log
    * [[The song of my people]]
    Tobin's Completed Quests
    * Tobin has no completed quests at this time.
    Tobin's Faction Standing
    p. * The Silver Knights
      0 / 5
    * Shimmer …

  • Shimmer City Port Authority

    Shimmer City Port Authority

    Managing the endless flow of vessels in and out of [[Shimmer City]] is the duty of the officers and dockhands of the Shimmer City Port Authority. Responsible for collecting port fees, checking manifests and …

  • Armada's Rest

    Armada's Rest

    The platinum mined from the hills north of [[Shimmer City]] sees its way through the guarded passage of Platinum Alley and down to the secured docks of Armada's Rest. Here, the three warships of the Silver Sail Armada make rest …

  • Venica's Shipwrights

    Venica's Shipwrights

    Having 'retired' to [[Shimmer City]], the former ship captain Venica established her own shipwright in Southport, offering ship repairs and commissioning her own peerless vessels. Many of Venica's former crew assist with …

  • The Dueling Anvils

    The Dueling Anvils

    Serving the needs of the Southport district of [[Shimmer City]], The Dueling Anvils is the local go to smithy for all metalworking needs. Primarily turning out nautical items like chains, anchors, fasteners and pulleys, The …

  • The Mariner's Outfitter

    The Mariner's Outfitter

    Those visiting the boardwalks of [[Shimmer City]] and finding themselves in need of supplies need look no further than The Mariner's Outfitter. A simple wooden building along the waterfront, this general store is …

  • Seahorse Stables

    Seahorse Stables

    Those looking to head further inland than the borders of [[Shimmer City]] will need an adventurous spirit and a reliable horse. While mettle isn't something that can be bought, the latter of the two needs can be found at the …

  • Southport Inn

    Southport Inn

    One of the frequented accommodations for those visiting [[Shimmer City]], the Southport Inn sits just beside the harbor and offers beautiful waterfront views for its guests. Each of the modest rooms boasts warm running water and …

  • Wave Crest Lodge

    Wave Crest Lodge

    At the eastern edge of the docks of [[Shimmer City]] lies the Wave Crest Lodge. An upscale and highly acclaimed inn, this two story building is located just beyond the edge of the harbor along a beautiful expanse of private …

  • Red Jack's

    Red Jack's

    Walking along the boardwalks of the Southport district of [[Shimmer City]], one cannot miss the drunken singing, clapping and festive music carrying down the way from Red Jack's. Marked by an inviting and colorful sign displaying a …

  • Gull's Roost

    Gull's Roost

    The Southport district of [[Shimmer City]] is home to a number of alehouses and taverns, each seeking to entice the visiting mariner or local dockworker. Of these, the Gull's Roost is one of the more frequented by the daily …

  • South Cove

    South Cove

    [[Shimmer City|Shimmer City's]] Southport district is home to many bars and drinking establishments, but none as unique as South Cove. A rough and tumble place, South Cove is constantly home to bar fights, scuffles and unusually …

  • The Captain's Quarters

    The Captain's Quarters

    The docks at Southport bring many visitors to [[Shimmer City]], and a number of the more affluent guests stop by The Captain's Quarters for a drink and meal after their long voyage. Renowned for the best drinks and most …

  • Shimmer City Tradesman's Hall

    Shimmer City Tradesman's Hall

    As [[Shimmer City]] grew, so too did the need for skilled workers to help support its expansion. As a result, the Shimmer City Tradesman's Hall was founded. Local laborers of the capital are required to register …

  • The Farmer's Market

    The Farmer's Market

    The High Road brings much needed produce and other food supplies from Sha'La to [[Shimmer City]]. Once the caravans arrive in town, the best place to find their fresh products is the Farmer's Market in East End. An open …

  • East End Wagons

    East End Wagons

    The caravans from Sha'La to [[Shimmer City]] wouldn't be able to make the rugged journey if it weren't for the reliable carts from East End Wagons. Specializing in wagons, carts and other load bearing travel essentials, this …

  • Shimmer City Lumber

    Shimmer City Lumber

    The bountiful forests around [[Shimmer City]] provide quality lumber that has been used for decades to support the capital's rapid expansion. The carpenters at Shimmer City Lumber have worked for some time with the locally …

  • Silverdawn's Leather and Hides

    Silverdawn's Leather and Hides

    Residents of [[Shimmer City]] in need of any leatherworking can find just what they're looking for at Silverdawn's Leather and Hides. Renowned for her masterful hand with leather and furs, the expert …

  • Platinum Isle Forgeworks

    Platinum Isle Forgeworks

    Catering to the smithing needs of [[Shimmer City|Shimmer City's]] East End, Platinum Isle Forgeworks seldom finds itself without forge fires burning hot and hammers pounding away on their numerous anvils. Primarily …

  • The Food Fairy

    The Food Fairy

    The only successful bakery in [[Shimmer City]], The Food Fairy is regarded as a favorite stop of residents across the capital. Named after the owner's childhood nickname, this establishment fills the streets for blocks with the …

  • The Brown Bear Inn

    The Brown Bear Inn

    Visitors to [[Shimmer City|Shimmer City's]] East End can find a great place to stay at The Brown Bear in. Named for the towering stuffed bear standing in the lobby, this accommodation is a favorite of guests who are looking …

  • Meadfist's Rustbucket

    Meadfist's Rustbucket

    Settling with his former adventuring party in [[Shimmer City]], the owner of Meadfist's Rustbucket is an acclaimed brewer and brawler. Producing some of the finest ales, beers and grogs in town, the Rustbucket is …

  • East End Alehouse

    East End Alehouse

    One of the more run down taverns in the East End of [[Shimmer City]], the Alehouse is an old establishment that has certainly seen better days. Frequented now by a seedier crowd than most of the other night spots, the …

  • The Silver Garrison

    The Silver Garrison

    The hills north of [[Shimmer City]] are rich with platinum ore, and to secure its extraction The Silver Garrison was established. A well built keep fortifying the entry to the mines in the foothills, the Garrison is manned …

  • The Pickaxe Lodge

    The Pickaxe Lodge

    The foothills of [[Shimmer City]] are home to numerous mines digging at all hours for veins of platinum ore. Many visiting laborers and merchants looking for a place to stay between their business ventures at the mines turn …

  • The Steamworks

    The Steamworks

    The occasional explosion heard ringing out from the foothills of [[Shimmer City]] is probably due to the mad genius of the master engineer at The Steamworks. Specializing in odd steam powered machinations and wondrous trinkets …

  • The Rickety Cart

    The Rickety Cart

    [[Shimmer City|Shimmer City's]] foothills are home to many workers who toil long hours in the mines. Once their day has come to an end, many of them choose to unwind with a drink at their favorite dive, The Rickety Cart. …

  • Digger's Outfitter

    Digger's Outfitter

    The miners of [[Shimmer City]] make the Digger's Outfitter their destination of choice for any goods they need for their daily work in the foothills. A general store and tool depot, the Outfitter is constantly busy with …

  • Platinum Alley

    Platinum Alley

    The corridor that runs from the mines in the foothills to [[Shimmer City|Shimmer City's]] Southport harbors at Armada's Rest, Platinum Alley is the secure route taken by the caravans moving platinum ore to be shipped. Walled in …

  • Alyndriana's Quest Log

    Alyndriana's Quest Log
    * [[A familiar face]]
    Alyndriana's Completed Quests
    * [[Without a mentor]] [[Sunday Archives|Back to the Party Quest Log]]

  • Guts' Quest Log

    Guts' Quest Log
    * Guts has no active quests at this time.
    Guts' Completed Quests
    * [[Ggggrrrrrriiiiiiiffffffiiiiiitttttttthhhhhh!!!]] [[Sunday Archives|Back to the Party Quest Log]]

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