Sir Francis Castle

"You're a monster, and I'm killing you. It's not complicated."


“I caught a glimpse of heaven once. The Angels showed me. The idea was I’d kill for them. Clean up their mistakes on Taris. Eventually redeem myself.
Tried it. Didn’t like it. Told them where to stick it. So they brought me up to heaven, to see what I’d be missing. A wife. My daughters. I hadn’t seen them since they bled out in my arms. Then I was cast down.
Back to a world of killers. Rapists. Psychos. Perverts. A brand new evil every minute, spewed out as fast as men can think them up. A world where pitching a criminal dwarf off a tower to tell his fellow scum you’re back is a sane and rational act. The angels thought it would be hell for me. But they were wrong.”

~ Sir Francis Castle

Francis Castle, the son of a wine maker, ran away from home and joined the Duke’s Infantry ant the age of 16. Wine wasn’t in his blood. Blood was in his blood. Lots and lots of blood. He served his Duke through many campaigns over the years. After proving himself in battle time and time again he became part of an elite kammando unit and was eventually knighted and given lands for his bravery and service.

Between the wars, he fell in love with a lady of the court, Gabriella. She was so kind and sensitive and loved him despite the blood on his hands. They married and she bore him 2 daughters. Francis loved his family dearly. They became his home coming flames of hope and life after the battles. The thought of them kept him fighting long after his body became exhausted.

Upon the duke’s death, many things in the land changed. The duke’s son was irresponsible and plunged the country into debt. He also began dealings with a dubious association know as The Company. Rumors of under the table power brokering, blackmail and illegal dealings of all sorts started to circulate. Though these events deeply troubled Gabriella, Francis assured her it was just the way of things, if they just stayed out of the power struggles they’d be fine. So he suggested they all take a moonlight stroll through the city gardens to take her mind off of it.

The City gardens were massive with lakes, bridges, fountains and many park features. They had done this many times before on fair nights, when the gardens were almost always empty. This night was different. They were not the only ones there. His daughters ran ahead playing hide and seek in the shadows, when they stopped abruptly and began watching something off the path. Francis and his wife caught up with the girls shortly to find they were watching a group of men slitting the throats of what looked like sages. Gabriella gasped loudly at the sight, alerting the murders to the family’s presence.

A group of around ten rogues surrounded the family quickly, crossbows and blades at the ready. Francis tried to stay between between the group and his family, drawing his side sword. One of the murders spoke, “No witnesses. Kill em’.” Before Francis could react, he and his family were riddled with bolts. Francis was shot twice and stabbed but not before slashed open 2 of the thugs. He fell near his wife and daughter who were laying on the ground grasping their woulds. His youngest daughter, Francesca, was already dead, a bolt protruding from her head. Two of the man came forward and casually slit their throats. Francis yelled and tried to stand, slashing at them with his sword if any came close enough. They shot him with 3 more bolts and left him to die with his family.

But Francis didn’t die.The gruesome scene was discovered soon after by a pack of street urchins who alerted the nearby hospice. Francis was saved but his family was lost. Justice for their deaths would also be lost. The murder they witness was Company Business and was protected by corrupt councilmen and officials. Instead Francis was locked away in an asylum and the murders were blamed on vagrants and petty thieves.

Once he heard what had happened he stormed city hall demanding justice but was instead incarcerated and his lands taken. While trapped in the stone confines of his cell, he swore and oath. To avenge his family and destroy those evil elements of mankind that eat away at society like a cancer. He would hack away the roots of darkness and destroy the corruption. He will strike with all of his hate at The Company and hunt down every last one of them. He would see the look of terror on there face and they shall know him as death incarnate.

On his release he sold what he had left, took the money and invested in tools of his trade. His trade was death and he was damn good at it. He had his armor blackened and a ghastly white skull emblazoned on the breast. He wanted them to know as soon as they saw him that they were going to die. Armed to the teeth he hit a Company safe house in the middle of the night and killed 14 Company Men. Two weeks later he burned down a Company warehouse with five scumbags still inside. So powerful was his oath that it unlocked divine power within him, which only made him more driven to his cause. Some god somewhere must be smiling on his deeds, he thought. He didn’t have time for gods now though. Only death and Anubis was his homeboy.

The underworld spoke of him in whispers. He was the Dark Knight, Punisher of the Wicked, Death’s Paladin, The Specter, every kingdom had a different name for him and the local law enforcement learned it was best to stay out of Sir Frank Castle’s way if he was doing an “investigation”. Once in a while, a job would come alone that would be too much for one man. That’s how Frank became associated with Kadaav, the Warlock.

Kadaav had been a slave all his life suffering at the hands, tentacles, of some of the most evil creatures in existence. Kadaav himself was a drow, and although albino and separated from his race, Francis was wary. Drow by reputation are evil and sadistic in nature, but Kadaav was nothing but polite, helpful and friendly. Once hearing his tale, Francis felt pity for the elf, the pity you feel for a victim. Once working with Kadaav, he came to appreciate his resourcefulness and knowledge. Battling with Kadaav at his side, the drow was stalwart and fearless and most of all, did what needed to be done without batting an eye. Kadaav also served on occasions to help reign in Francis’s anger. Redemption became a secondary goal, sometimes people who do evil things aren’t evil, they just make bad life choices.

Francis also helped keep Kadaav safe. The surface world isn’t safe for a drow, even a white one. There was a lot of hate going around but Francis soon learned that Kadaav’s worst enemies were those in his head. The elf would, on occasion, trance out and start weeping or go into seizures. The drow’s eyes would go pitch black and he would start muttering in an alien language then say he had a communion with The Wyrd, an Elder God he made a pact with to escape his life of slavery. The elf was so small and seemed so frail, Frank could only imagine what kind of metal fortitude it took to keep from going batshit insane from what Kadaav had been through. He had tremendous respect for the little, lean elf who had become his trusted friend and partner.

And thus their travels went: Castle and Kadaav, Revenge and Retribution Specialist.



Sir Francis Castle

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