Sir Aleron LaFortier

Human Professor at Easthaven University




“I can cast that spell tomorrow.”
-Sir Aleron LaFortier

“Saw it in a dream.”
-Sir Aleron LaFortier

Sir Aleron LaFortier is a human professor at Easthaven University. He holds degrees in many fields including arcana, history, and anthropology. He resides in a small estate in Easthaven.

Sir Aleron LaFortier was the first child of Brenda and Lucas LaFortier. Aleron was trained in arcana at a very young age like most of the LaFortier family. His father taught him personally and he excelled in the magical arts. After he reached adulthood, he enrolled at Easthaven University where his interests broadened. While he focused on arcana and divination, he also attained degrees in history, biology, chemistry, anthropology, and psychology. He would later achieve higher degrees in arcana and other subjects. After finishing his studies, he stayed at the university to teach arcana.

Late in his 30s, LaFortier met Deborah Borden while tutoring Deborah’s sister, Jane Borden. After two years of dating, Lafortier and Deborah Borden were married in Easthaven. Deborah gave birth to their only child, Stettin LaFortier, several years later. Stettin would grow up to be an adventurer.

LaFortier reduced his teaching hours after his son was lost and presumed dead near Rorin. Believing that his son may have survived if he had a better understanding of the dangers of Taris, LaFortier devoted himself to creating a guide for adventurers that contained various insights about the world, including but not limited to creature abilities and weaknesses; how to best traverse different terrains; and recommended protocol for contacting different races.

LaFortier spent many years gathering information for his guide. He collected various texts and interviewed as many people as he could in Easthaven. To help in his endeavor, he was given a grant by the university for field research. Late in his 70s, he completed his desk work and set off to gain first-hand knowledge of the adventuring world.

During his early adventuring years, LaFortier was instrumental in retrieving various fragments of the shield of Acheron for Archaeologist Harrison Jones and pioneering research in Roc psychology, biology, anatomy and physiology.

On Airini, LaFortier discovered a substance that would later be known as the blood of Acheron. His later tests and research on the substance indicated that all creatures would eventually die after being exposed to the substance unless that creature was submerged in water. In order to kill a white dragon near Rorin, he gave the creature a healing potion that contained a small amount of the blood of Acheron. After contracting Fel Fever, the dragon consumed the potion. The combined effect of the blood and fever turned the dragon into a more destructive creature, (dubbed the “Apocalypse Dragon”), instead of killing it. LaFortier aided in the dragon’s destruction, but many lives were lost.

On Vel’Run, LaFortier discovered the musical talent of Sichard Rimmons. Lafortier brought the bard to Easthaven University and enrolled him with a full scholarship for music in exchange for a contract with the university’s music department.

Later, during his early 80s, LaFortier learned of another scholar, Volothamp Geddarm, working on a project similar to his guide. As LaFortier enjoyed field research, Lafortier asked Easthaven University to share all of his research with Volo to help with his guide.

LaFortier is currently conducting research on Taris’ moon, Titanus.

Sir Aleron LaFortier

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