Saraphyn Tel'Soren Twoknives Ravenwood

I like turtles!


Race: Human/ Female
Age: 17
Height/ Weight: 5’, 10" / 140 lb
Class: Druid: Circle of the Forest
Alignment: Neutral Good

Saraphyn is is a druid with a happy, bubbly personality that tries to make friends wherever she goes. For a druid, she is very personable, and enjoys visiting towns and cities just as much as the wilderness. She is naive to the ways of the world, however, and may easily be taken advantage of, confused and often doesn’t understand suffering in places where people have so much. She will often go out of her way to help animals or people in need. Though she strives to keep a pleasant outlook she has an explosive temper which can range from tantrum to full blown Hulk Smash.

Saraphyn has an “interesting” lineage. Tall for a human woman with a slender frame like an elf, amber eyes, dusky freckled skin and a mass of thick, blond curls on her head betray that her bloodline may not be 100% human. She was raised mostly by her human mother, Talas Ravenwood, a druid from Irini who came to explore Tor’Unga Basin, the homeland of Saraphyn. Her father, Soren Twoknives, is a powerful Druidic Ranger and son of Devyani Twoknives The Huntress of Tor’Unga and Malik of To’Ru a high ranking fire druid and descendant of the red dragon Malyatrix Talon of To’Ru. Saraphyn’s bloodline allows her to be accepted throughout most of Tor’Unga Basin. She also has a younger brother, Fallyn, who due to his influential grandmother’s wishes was sent off to train with a mighty hero, a were-tiger named Fhwdgads.

Grok /ˈɡrɒk/ is a word coined by Robert A. Heinlein for his 1961 science-fiction novel, Stranger in a Strange Land, where it is defined as follows:
Grok means to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed—to merge, blend, intermarry, lose identity in group experience. It means almost everything that we mean by religion, philosophy, and science—and it means as little to us (because of our Earthling assumptions) as color means to a blind man


“I trust in the Mother of all things. Tellus, she is the mountain and the waters that wear it down. Tellus, she is the fire that warms me and the wind that chills. She is the mother, the huntress, the calm and the storm! Through my oneness with her, I am one with all things!”, and as i finished my prayer my mother kissed me goodbye and bid me good fortune on my travels.

Many druids never leave their lands, content with their groves, meadows, stone circles or whatever brings them to Tellus. My mother’s tribe believes differently. Tellus will guide us where we are needed and will learn from our experiences in the world. Mother told me you can not know the true bite of cold until you have felt it and grokked it. To truly grok something, you must immerse yourself in it. I cannot grok the nature of Tallus by only staying in one place. I was born in Tor’Unga. My bloodline runs deep in this land. I grok it as only a handful of other druids can. My time here is over for now.

As I leaned on the edge of the dock, waiting to board the ship I spotted a great sea turtle traveling along the near by beach. I waded out into the warm surf and cast a simple spell. “Grandmother Turtle, welcome to the black sands. Have you traveled far?”, I asked her in a magical tongue. “Huh? A human speaks to me?! This has not happened in some time. Yes, I have traveled far, from the breeding lands of the Dragon Isle! Has the squid spawned yet?” answered the turtle. “No, grandmother, you haven’t missed them. Tell me of the Dragon Isle. Are there many humans or monsters, unnatural beast?”, I asked excitedly. She slowly bobbed in the surf for a few moments then replied, “There are no humans like you at the breeding grounds, but smaller, scaled ones come and steal the eggs. Poor babies, but that is the way of things. Unnaturals, yes, there are many in the waters. A turtle must be careful and wise to travel such as I.” Saraphyn could have swore the old turtle winked at her. “Now I must be off my girl. You have to catch the currents just right or you’ll miss the best squid.” and the old turtle submerged and swam off.

Monsters, REAL sea monsters! I was so excited and ran back to the ship, ready to board. I was to serve as a druid guide on the voyage to pay for passage to the Platinum Isle. My journey to gain the wisdom of Tellus and grok life and the working of the world had begun!


Saraphyn Tel'Soren Twoknives Ravenwood

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