Rye (Rynisha)

Female Human Monk


Monk (Open Hand) Lv 17Hermit
Human (Variant) FemaleLawful Neutral
Current Appearance: 10 yearsActual Age: Late 20s

Chapter VI Campaign Age Character


Rye’s Previous Appearance

Meeting the requirements of a “Child of Light,” Rye was kidnapped as a prepubescent child along with two other “children of light” as part of a ritual to “awaken” Akaron.

So far, three characters are known to fit the criteria of a “Child of Light” for the sake of the ritual that was preformed with the intention of waking Akaron: Rye (pc), Erin‘s beloved half-brother (npc), and an elven ranger (npc). The criteria of a “Child of Light,” as described by Bone Emperor Kor’von, is a young child born of difficult parents. (A child of supposedly good alignment born from at least one very evil alignment parent)

Those conducting the ritual thought it would “awaken” Akaron. In reality, Akaron was already awakened and the completion of the ritual would result in empowering Akaron to the point where he could easily find his sword.

The ritual was almost complete, with two of the three children sacrificed, when a rescue party entered the chamber. The one survivor of the fray took the third child – who had been stabbed but still yet breathed – and sought help.

Later it was discovered Rye was saved by Aleron’s son, who called himself Darrin, and taken to the Monastery of the White Lotus – ritual dagger still in her chest.

Not much is known about Rye’s time in the monastery except for that is where she received the name Rynisha from a master there.

The growth of her body was stunted due to the curse created by the ritual causing her to keep a somewhat young, gender ambiguous appearance.

albino_rat_01_by_moni158stock-d531qdu.jpg Gruel

In her twenties, she decided that she could only reach peace after discovering her past and ventured out with the dagger that had caused the scar upon her chest.

It was as she left the monastery that Rye decided to take a fat, lazy, male albino rat that had been squatting at the monastery as her travelling companion.

After a few years of traveling, she meets a group of adventurers near Fridgeir on Airini supposedly looking for the same rumored ancient prison.


Many months later, Rye discovers the ritual chamber in the mountains north of Rorin on Wryth along with the hearts of the two other sacrificed children.


Rye’s Current Appearance

While Rye is in the safety of Myranox’s lair, the ritual master is slain releasing the children from the curse and killing Rye’s body.


A good chunk of Rye’s past remains a mystery including the time before the curse and some abnormalities before she was released from the curse…

Rye (Rynisha)

Taris Rynisha