Lapidem Vivum

Living Stone


This new system kind of blows.


Warforged have no family. I have no family. We are created for one purpose; to kill. We came in to existence so that “real people” would not have to lose their lives in order for politicians to push their agendas. Sometimes people say that we do not have souls that we are unfeeling tools of conflict. When people are pointed in a direction and expected to be just that it can become easy to believe. But it is far from the truth. We are not unfeeling and every death weighs heavy on hearts…or whatever it is that we have. The warring is nearly unending as we hardly sleep, and we do not eat. Using us as soldiers is sustainable but my brothers and I often wonder why we are fighting. It is almost more sad for one of us to kill another warforged. But life is not just war for us for one day the fighting must end. When you are a tool of war for your whole life what do you do when the war is over? I did not want to integrate into the civilized lands that our war had wrought. I could only imagine that I would always see the faces of the soldiers I ended as I walked among those who never had to lift a weapon to live their safe little lives.
Others in my old regiment felt differently, they wished to join society because they felt that they had earned it and they would grasp what they had fought for and what their friends and brothers had died for. But me, I chose to live in the land outside of the cities. In the forest things are simple and when there is no need for food or shelter one can easily live in peace. I was not sure that I could trust any of the humanoid races again, they were violent and unpleasant and they were the ones who used us. But my kind heart does not allow me to turn my back on those who are in need. The forest makes all sorts of noises but the screaming of people is not one of them. What I found in the woods that day was a curious sight, one I was certain I would never see. A female human fighting alongside a male elf, fighting alongside a female half-orc, fighting alongside a male dwarf. Each one a member of a race I had only seen try to kill each other but here they were brothers in arms assailed by the dangers of the forest. If they had been trying to hunt, I likely would not have helped them but sometimes bears happen and it cannot be helped. Bears are fearsome members of the forest and if they wish to make you dead they will often do so.
So I chose to intervene to fight off the bear, they did not look equipped like poachers. In the process of helping them I became…very injured. To my amazement the group cared to see if I was okay. What was more amazing, they talked to me as if I was one of them. They did not once make any mention of the fact that I was a warforged and they asked me to go along with them. As it turned out they were trying to find a quicker way from one city to the next and became lost in the forest. I agreed to help them and together we set off. What happened next proved to be something I had not seen since the war. Around the camp fire they shared stories and they laughed and they cavorted all as if they were themselves brothers and sisters. I grew to actually like them and in time began to consider them my brothers and sisters, even if I did not understand humor or conversation like they did we all formed a bond. By the time we reached the next city I did not wish to leave them. So in a way I became their silent guardian and their guide through the wild lands when they needed it. There is something plenty useful about a scout who does not need to sleep much I must say.
The group I allied myself with were more or less mercenaries, but they only agreed to take good jobs, they made a point of not being thugs for hire. I felt a strange sensation while among them, one I eventually remembered to be called joy. But one day while in one of the cities I caused trouble for my friends. One of my true brothers found me while we were in the city looking for work. He had not come far from where he was during the days of the war, he embraced his martial nature and became the thug for hire that I had feared becoming. He wanted me to join him again and I refused. He did not take it well and became hostile. It was then that my friends came to my aid telling him that I did not need to be a soldier anymore and that I was able to find a new life among them. He left without another word and for a time I heard nothing else about it. A couple of weeks later I was scouting ahead in the wilds for my friends. We had been hired to investigate some ruins out in the woods and I was sent ahead to see how the path was.
When I returned to our camp everyone was gone. There was a small amount of blood and some minor signs of an altercation but no definitive evidence about anything that had happened. I tried to follow the tracks but there were too many and efforts had been made to cover the tracks. I am trying to find them, they were the first people who showed me that I could have a family but I have no leads and it seems hopeless. If I could not remember those nights around the campfire where we had fun I do not think I would have the heart to try to find them. But this is something that is finally worth fighting for. And though I may have tried to get away from my time as an instrument of destruction it still runs through my body and I am prepared to bring hell down on those who have tried to take my family from me. My name is Lapidem Vivum, I am the living stone and when I find who did this to my family, they will pay.

Lapidem Vivum

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