"I know better than to take from my ancient DRAGON ally."


Rogue (Thief) Lv 15 | ?? Lv 2 Character Lv 17
CriminalChaotic Neutral
Half Elf FemaleLate 20s

Chapter VI Campaign Age Character

Erin (preferred name) | Calamity (rogue alias) | ???


Not much is known until Erin met a group of traveling adventurers at Myranox’s lair eager to slay the same foe.

Erin origins are on Writh, though she met the party on Vel’Run. She made it clear from the start that her main goal was to rescue her human half-brother who was one of the “children of light” sacrificed in the same ritual as Rye.

She then went to Writh with the party for the final confrontation with the sect of Vultaris cultists who were attempting to complete the ritual. The caster of the ritual dead, Rye perished and the three souls bound by the ritual were free.

After the curse was lifted from Rye, Erin focused her efforts on finding black diamonds to resurrect the three children afflicted by the curse.

Laranar donated the first black diamond, while a second was acquired by Erin turning in a favor with Vernoxis, the ancient black dragon running an assassination guild in Easthaven.

These two diamonds were used to resurrect Rye and another girl, leaving Erin’s brother the last to be resurrected. Focused on saving her brother, Erin parted ways with the party in Eerie(sp? city with crazy astrology tower) where she believe the odds were best of finding a final black diamond to resurrect her brother. Though before she could acquire a third, the party found one which they teleported to Myranox’s lair.

After catching an Uber from Laranar, Erin witnessed the resurrection of her brother and then brought him the druids in the swamps of Vel’Run. To finish up debts owed and perceived, Erin used her two favors Orin owed her to collect two of the three remaining shield fragments of Akaron. Though after the pieces were delivered to Myranox, the party lost contact with Erin. Supposedly she is still near the swamps of Vel’Run with her brother.


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