Captain "Stonefist" Grell

"I cast violence."


Grell is straightforward and practical, preferring simple solutions to problems. She works hard and in turn plays hard and isn’t one to back down out of a fight or wager. She’s a brawler and a killer and doesn’t like to waste her time on those weaker than her. Trust doesn’t come easy for her but once earned she’s 110%. Woe be to any fool who betrays it. But if you can’t earn her trust you can always buy her sword.


Born Shiinu FireSplitter, her father was the clan’s battle master. She had been promised to the chieftain’s nephew, Kalthus Deadmaul, as a bride once she became of age. Kalthus was proud, loud mouthed and worst of all, an unskilled fighter. Shiinu wished nothing to do with him, or the life her father had envisioned for her as a means to climb the social ladder through her marriage.
Her clan’s home was in a sea port town which was visited by ships from many lands. A month before her 14th birthday, the time of the fulfillment of her betrothal, she disguised herself as a cabin boy named Grell and slipped away in the night with the tide.

Grell served on the merchant ship, The Mermaid’s Whisper. The ship itself was owned by a merchant guild and employed different captains over the next couple of years she served as cabin boy. Until one fateful day the ship was raided by pirates and Grell was taken as prisoner. The plan was to ransom the prisoners back to the guild which employed them. Weeks went by with no word. When the pirate vessel, The Piranhaconda, made harbor she and the other prisoners were taken into town and forced into fighting pits. By this time, it was no secret that Gell was a female and that earned her extra odds, much to the delight of the pirates. Four times she was forced into the pit and four times she left, her fist and face bloodied. She later was returned to the ship with a few of the other prisoners, to be kept as the pirate’s prize.

Days later and back at sea, she was imprisoned on the Piranhaconda’s sister ship, The Sharknado, when it was attacked by privateers. The Piranhaconda and the Captain and crew which captured her escaped by sacrificing the Sharknado. With the ship’s capture, Grell and the other prisoners were freed. Once back in a safe port, Grell signed on as crew to the privateer band that freed her. She served on the ship The Whistling Wind which was under the command of Captain Gloria Flintback, a hard, dwarven woman with an unflinching hatred for pirates. Grell served on the Whistling Wind for 3 years until while in pursuit of a vessel, the ship was caught in a storm and was grounded on a reef. Half the crew and the captain was lost on the reef and it was after this that Grell decided to try her luck on land for a bit.

She took work as a bouncer and body guard, but would often pass up enforcer work for thieves or jobs were she had to hurt “weak folk”. After years at sea, she truly enjoys creature comforts and at times to excess. Often waking up penniless after nightly benders, she would compete in pit fight bouts to make money. Earning her the nick name “Stonefist Grell”.

Captain "Stonefist" Grell

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