Brotus de Angelis

It isn't vengeance if it's giving someone their just desserts.


I have been a slave nearly all my life. Fulminos controls an empire of incredible might; even when war machines of a lost-age were brought against him and his friends his empire bent but it did not break. It is within this empire that I was forged. Literally the entire time I have been able to form memories I have been coerced into work under penalty of beatings or worse. I have never known a family, I have only ever had one friend, and I can barely tell the passage of time. I have no way of knowing how long I have been in this wretched world or if I will ever know. Something about a lifetime of back-breaking labor makes you lose track of how many times the sun has dipped below the horizon and come up the other way. When the Brass-Army came to challenge the empire of Fulminos there was chaos among the slave camps. When news of his defeat reached our ears we knew hope for the first time. But when the remnants of the empire coalesced around the slave camps we came to knew a despair previously unknown. But in the chaos of the shaken empire there was opportunity. When their attention was entirely on mounting a counter-offensive I was given a chance for horrible freedom. When I escaped my servitude all I had were the rags on my back and my bloody fists. And yet even my freedom was a loss as the only friend I have ever known gave up his chance at freedom to ensure my own. I have not seen him since, and I do not know if he is alive or why he helped me. I am truly nobody and I had done nothing to earn this kindness.

Other people rely on magic, pointy bits, or their laughable faith to protect them and bring them strength. I was born alone into this world, and that is all I will ever be. My strength is the only power I need and through it I will make sure this world becomes a better place. I will bring all wretched oppressors to their knees and those wicked hearts who seek to take from those who already have so little. There are precious few people of this world who are willing to take the stand against those who bring others nothing but pain. Well I will show them that pain. I have come to the opposite side of the world to get away from my one-time captors or those who sympathize. But they should not rest easy for I vow to return and show them the fruits of their cruelty. I will make sure that I deserve the freedom that I was given by stepping on the backs of those greater than I. In this city I currently call home I do not live well, and I find no glory.

All I have is the solace of knowing that every robbery I stop is one less horror this world faces. That doesn’t always bring food to the table or a shelter over my head. But those I save are grateful. I have had people offer me favors in exchange for the deeds I do for them, but other than keeping myself alive to continue the fight, I care not for any of them. But perhaps one day those I help will give me the chance to do further good in this world. For instance I have made an acquaintance of a Kenku who, I am told, is named Page Scratch. I saved him from being mugged but this creature was so grateful that he wished to repay me any way he could. Though Kenku are an odd sort I found his presence…relaxing. Pagescratch is a kind person; he reminds me of why I risk my life for the betterment of others. For every evil heart, there is at least one kind one. Truth be told I likely did not starve to death some times because of Pagescratch. In time I might be able to call him a friend; I certainly know that I would help him again should there be need. For I am devoted to my cause and I dream of a day that all people will be free. And when I crush the slavers of this world I will watch the light fade from their eyes, I will look down upon them in their despair and I will whisper, “Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis.” (Thus always I bring death to tyrants).

Brotus de Angelis

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