Bel'yth Avari

Chapter VII Age Character
Human FemaleStarting Class: Paladin16 years

“So I’ll just talk and you write..? M’kay.

Uh, so I’m Bel’yth Avari. Me mum taught me to always give my full name, but here in the city folk have started to call me Bel. Guess it’s hard when there are so many names to ’member.

I’m from a small town almost a week’s travel away. Ain’t much chance there to… anything really.

Been in the city for… two moons? Just ‘bout as rough as livin’ in me home town, but it’s a new start."


Bel’yth rents a small room built into the top of an old windmill in the Mills. There isn’t any space for a roommate or a proper bed, but there’s a decent view of the night sky.

Bel’yth has been working odd jobs, mostly hard labor, since she arrived in Vorhal two months ago. With the little free time she has, she frequents Temple Hill to try and bum a free paladin lesson or two. She also occasionally visits the same university in Nariah’s Row.

Bel'yth Avari

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