Bel'yth Avari

Chapter VII Age Character
Human FemalePaladin of Titanus16 years

Bel’yth arrived in Vorhal two months before joining the rest of the party in seeking justice for Page Scratcher. She rented a small room built into the top of an old windmill in the Mills before joining other members in “house-sitting” the Iron Fist Estate for the Temple of Kelemvor.

Before adventuring, Bel’yth worked odd jobs, mostly hard labor. With the little free time she had, she frequented Temple Hill to try and bum a free paladin lesson or two.

As she gained strength she found artifacts in a hidden lunar shrine that helped her channel the powers given to her by Titanus. First a stone that fell from the sky, and second a sword and sheath left to her by an unknown figure with a habit of leaving white roses.

After finding her previously Sanish addicted mother perfectly reformed, she helped her mother move to the Temple of Eldath in Vorhal.

A brief encounter with Kadaav lead to the translation of her father’s mysterious journal and her understanding of the conflict between Titanus and Ghavnadaur. The journal made note of a magical gateway between Titanus and Terus, and the task given to her father to slay Ghavnadaur.

Bel’yth greatly values her relationship with Seralia, a silver warhorse spirit that died on Titanus.

Her respect for the current monarchy grew as she unknowingly helped the present king and queen of Vorhal to slay the dragon Vixarian, child of Niranex.

Bel'yth Avari

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