Antious Fletcher

Human Vorheim soldier




Private Antious Fletcher is Human reservist of Vorheim. He is a scout specializing in marksmanship. He lives in a small flat in Vorhal’s Garrison District.

Antious Fletcher is the only child of Harold and Lorraine Fletcher. The Fletchers are a lower-middle class family that come from a long line of fletchers. Harold was a soldier of Vorheim before taking over the family business. Antious attended a local school where he graduated with average marks. On his free time, he’d often accompany his father on hunts. Immediately after school, at the age of 14, he enlisted as a reservist for Vorheim.

Fletcher’s training showed he had an aptitude for marksmanship and stealth. He was assigned to a scouting squadron where he reported on goblin and orc activity in the nearby mountains but rarely engaged the enemy directly. On a few occasions, they would track reports of bandits or assist with relief missions. He has two confirmed kills, one human bandit and one goblin, for which he has been recognized.

Fletcher was involved in an incident where two of his squadmates were killed in an ambush. The two soldiers suffered multiple lacerations before the rest of the squad was able to kill the attacking goblins. Attempts to save the soldiers’ lives failed and they died of their injuries within an hour of the attack. Fletcher was ordered to assist the medic and aided in returning their bodies back to Vorhal. While Fletcher performed his duties adequately, he displayed symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder including difficulty sleeping, nightmares, difficulty concentrating and jumpiness.

He was sent to counseling on the orders of Lieutenant Kemi Orwent. The examination results were negative for PTSD but counselor Marcus Uriah recommended that he continue counseling sessions once a month to ensure his mental health was adequate for duty.

Antious is currently in his second year of service and helps the family business when not on duty.

Antious Fletcher

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