When Plan B and Plan A are the same plan.

Perhaps strict militancy is not the most efficient method.

Brotis’ Journal:

Recently conducted a…“successful” raid on a Mongrel safe house. Where normally I would never have done such a thing I found people willing to…“assist” me. A friend of mine is in trouble and the Mongrels had something to do with it. I convinced his other friends to come with me to storm one of the Mongrel bases in order to help. But I miscalculated. I…might not be good with making a plan. Where I am used to the cut-throat brutality of the rafters and the scum which resides there it seems that not everyone is. I’ve seen death before, and I’ve killed before. Mongrels are barely even people to me. But because of my…haste…I have caused there to be blood on the hands of people who weren’t ready.

They did not want to kill and now they cannot go back to how they were before. The college boy is obviously stressed. And I’m not sure if Anzu did drugs before but he sure didn’t hesitate to dip into the stash we…“liberated.” I am so used to operating on my own that I thought the team I was involved in would operate the same way. I think they deserve an apology from me for almost getting them all killed. And gratitude that I was not killed myself for my…insistence on kicking the door in. I fear I have put us all at greater risk for what we have done. Not to mention that their…unwillingness to spill blood wound up leaving a member of the Mongrels who can identify a non-zero number of us. I know they want me dead but now they want Anzu dead and probably at least Bel in addition. If they are killed then the blood is on my hands… I have failed to save innocents before but I have never been responsible for getting them killed. Perhaps this is what they feel in response for my vicious slaying of that…well Mongrel is an apt name for their gang.

We were obviously inexperienced and we may not yet even know the full cost of that. I certainly despise having done a favor for that druid. The underworld is certainly a dark place, it just seems I’ll have to be more precise when taking it on. Or maybe it is a mistake to involve these people more than I have to. Pagescratch deserves to have his son back, and my new associates deserve to live their lives in accordance with their own values, not mine. …Unless of course those values are of greed, corruption, and conquest. But they all seem alright for now.



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