The view from up here

Muggers in The Rafters

“You can see almost everything from up ’ere.” the scraggly dark haired man said. He sniffed in protest of his nose running from the cold, and reached up to rub it with the corner of his ratty sleeve before pulling his hood back down over his forehead. He glanced to the side, catching the eyes of his younger associate, before nodding his head in a gesture towards the streets below. “Ain’t nothin’ goin’ on down there that you canna see. It’s the best way ta figure out who ta work on.” His associate nodded in agreement, leaning forward over the creaky ledge of the abandoned rooftop that the pair had picked as their perch. “You mean like that one there?” he inquired, stretching his arm out into the chilly night air as he pointed towards a lone figure moving through the streets below.

The older man cracked a rotten toothed grin as he enthusiastically nudged his associate, nearly staggering him off their precarious loft. “See? You got a knack for this kinda work. Let’s git on it!” The pair clambered down from the building top and made their way across the rooftops, jumping and balancing along the rickety planks and catwalks that spanned the streets and alleys below. “Haha!” he chided gleefully as their quarry continued on their way, “The dumb bugger’s headed right down Keston Alley! Ain’t no one gonna see ’im down there! Good catch boy!” The young mugger eagerly trailed his mentor, his hood blown back revealing loose sandy hair that whipped behind him in the crisp winds that swept along the rooftops. His eyes gleamed in anticipation, accented by an unusually cruel grin that slowly crept across his blue stained lips the closer they came to the rooftops above Keston Alley. He’d stopped caring some time ago where his coin came from. These days, all that mattered was that he’d have enough to score another dose of Sannish. Besides, he thought to himself, what’s one less mouth to feed? In the end, he was probably doing someone a favor.



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