Tara: Rofellos' New Apprentice?

From the journal of Kadaav

I am starting to feel as though we have more on our plate than we can handle of late. Not only have we discovered yet another danger to Writh, but have acquired a new… liability. While visiting East Fork we gained the interest of a young woman named Tara. I have yet to be informed of her surname, if indeed she has one. She worked at the bakery where the 4 of us found room and board. Very helpful and curious, I myself found her intriguing and even allowed myself the pleasure of a short and somewhat awkward conversation with her. As mentioned in a previous entry, I was in a foul state due to being mobbed by curious townsfolk. What really peaked my interest was that she reminded me so much of my friend, KIra. Tara (even their names are similar) even has an affinity for odd hair colors and talking one’s ear off. And here I prayed that Kira was the only one with that ability. I invited her back that evening to show Tara how to make hair dyes but Rofellos had other plans.

Shortly after I retired to my hot bath, she visited Rofellos and asked him to teach her magic, which of course, Rofellos immediately agreed upon. And, OH, what a clandestine affair it was! How brazen of a wizard to sneak out in the middle of the night with a human girl of 15 summers into the woods! It certainly wouldn’t be smiled upon by the elves of his ilk. Hahaha, the roguish bastard!

I awoke early the next morning to discover Rofellos’ absence and waited for his return in his room to surprise him. I asked him how it went and he accused me of lacing my words with sexual innuendo. Since I had not done so intentionally, I can only assume that something “touchy feely” went down during Tara’s lesson. Why else would Rofellos be so defensive over an honest question?

As it turns out, Tara has a talent for casting and Rofellos offered to make her his apprentice once our missions were completed. As anyone with a brain could imagine, this did not sit well to a young woman seeking excitement but she begrudgingly agreed.

We departed East Fork shortly after and continued on our Journey to West Fork. Days into our journey, who do we find riding at our backs? Tara of course. Is she terrified into returning home by the horrors she has witnessed so far? Nooooo, she wants to travel with us and learn everything. Luckily, I can not teach her my eldritch arts nor do I intend to share the secret of how to acquire them. Rofellos, despite the problems she will cause for us, has a definite twinkle in his eye. He certainly enjoys having a pupil. Frank seems indifferent to her presence and Ali just sleeps. If she wasn’t obviously an elf I would swear she was a cat.

We shall see how our new companion fares. I have such mixed emotions over her joining us and she has a tendency to enter my personal space. I find it exceedingly uncomfortable but at the same time… exciting? I must remind myself that humans at her age are releasing pheromones relentlessly and I had best shield myself from them. I should probably also warn Rofellos. Maybe.



my name is Frank Castle and I approve this message

Tara: Rofellos' New Apprentice?

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