Leopards, wolves and bears... OH MY!

In the words of Orin

There are a lot of nice things one could say about Kadith. It sits upon the beautiful Rose Mist lake, has a good economy, clean streets, happy people and plenty of parking. Let me tell you though, when it has trouble, it has trouble!

While checking the town’s “Quest Board” as I like to call it, we discovered that the Magistrates 9 year old daughter had been abducted by an ogre. Howl and I were immediately on the case, and with the help of our friends and their wolf, began tracking her scent. Deep into the forest we went, and ran into every predator out there. I was almost killed by a leopard and Howl was almost done in by the biggest bear I had ever seen. Then there was the snake. Ye gods, it was big enough to eat a hog and it almost got Ria! Fucking snakes.

Once we discovered the ogre’s camp, defeating it and rescuing the girl proved easier than anticipated. It was getting back to town that was the challenge since the denizens of the forest were still intent on making a meal of us. Exhausted we made camp, but were attacked in the night by a pack of wolves. This seemed to be the straw that broke Howl’s back. He summoned magical mounts for us and insisted we ride hard through the night back to Kadith. We did so, and made it back to town shortly after sunrise the following day.

The magistrate was overjoyed to be reunited with his little girl and wished to reward us at a celebration to be held that night in our honor. What a party!! We were the toast of the town. Real heroes! The magistrate rewarded us with property in the town and riches of course, but my rogue sense was tingling. Howl was hanging out with his girlfriend, Clarissa, and it was then I realized that Heidi wasn’t around. I asked around but no one knew where she was. It wasn’t until I got back to my room at the inn that I discovered what became of her.

A bloodied ransom note was left at my door from the Black Hands, the crime syndicate. Fuck. “Give yourself over to us or we kill the girl.” was the gist of it. I got on my gear, checked the room, turned out the lights and waited. Nothing happened. When Howl made it back I showed him the note.
“You know this is a trap?” he asked. “Of course it’s a trap! The question is who set it?” I replied. It was decided our best course of action was for me to accept the invitation and waltz in like I owned the place. I would keep them busy talking while Howl and the rest of our group sneaked in and defeated them while there guard was dropped. It was risky as hell, and I wasn’t convinced that Heidi wasn’t a Black Hands member herself.

Howl and the others were to wait 10 minutes after I go in. I had secreted a dagger, thieves’ tools and my sling on me, openly wore my sword and half-ass concealed my kukri. Howl had my bow and arrows. I marched up to the warehouse and was rudely greeted by a couple of guards. They escorted me though a series of rooms to where I met the leader of the Black Hands in Kadith, Alton Kedlock. Heidi was held in a cage in the corner. It wasn’t until then they took my sword and checked for weapons, finding my kukri. I had a seat and began my verbal duel with Alton.

Meanwhile, Howl tried to look through the windows of the building to discern my location until they finally found a door into the room I was at. By that time, I was in the cage with Heidi, who seemed legitimately scared to death. Howl and the others busted in and started to take out the guards, it wasn’t long though before reinforcements arrived and it was pretty dire for a while. Eventually we defeated Alton and hunted down a couple of thugs who tried to run for it.

During my discussion with Alton, it was revealed that a lot of the town watch and people in power in Kadith were on the take, except for the Magistrate it seemed. Magistrate Tom had been a thorn in the syndicate’s side from the get go. There were still Black Hands members in the town and I had no idea who or how many. We visited the magistrate in the morning and I asked him about the Black Hands. He admitted he knew about them and was extremely happy to learn that we had struck them a deadly blow. He even agreed to give Heidi a job in his office to help keep her safe.

Our next mission was to destroy a band of hobgoblins raiding convoys along the main road. Thanks again to Howl’s sleepy time spell we defeated a large band of goblins with no trouble. He is getting very talented at his spell casting and is learning all kinds of new ones. A couple that caused weakness he used on an ogre that was assisting the hobgoblins. Then kept it busy chasing him in circles around the camp while we finished off the goblins. Hahahah, Rule 1: Cardio! Another tough fight, but we came out stronger for it!

Afterwards, when we returned to the Silver Scale camp, the lieutenant had some BAD news for us. The beautiful Sgt. Tazia turned out to be not only a spy but The Black herself. I can’t say I was surprised. I make it a point never to fully trust intelligence operatives, especially pretty ones. Lt. Abbrams let us know that we were going to meet some other adventures that had been aiding the Silver Scale and had news of The Green and The White. This was followed by news that Ria an Thannock were returning to their homeland. It will be interesting to see what these new adventurers will bring to the table.



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