If they didn't want to live in the Rafters they shouldn't have been poor.

Trickle down theory, my ass.

Brotus’ Journal: I finally bankrolled a couple of people to begin to fix up the rafters. I dumped enough money on them that they had to take up the chance. They’ll be able to put money into the district which will help vitalize the area so people won’t have to rely on crime. Unless one person decides that they just want to horde the money so they can move out of the Rafters… Shit. As well intentioned as I may have been I see that there may have been some flaws in my plan. Plus with looming war between the Mongrels and Riptide my timing may be off. But I can’t just let the residents suffer…

I am lost. I started on a path of vengeance against the filth in the Rafters but my crusade only got them riled up and set on the warpath. Am I doing good? What is good? Is it enough? How to I find peace? Is peace a lie? How can people be free? Must I shatter their chains, and my own, through victory and strength? Or can I achieve serenity, knowledge, peace, and harmony? What connects us all? I must become attuned to some…force of life to find these answers. Do I borrow from darkness to consume the darkness? Or do I borrow from light and wash the darkness away?



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