Anzu's Dream Journal

I napped today and had another dream of the devils. DURING A NAP. There was a new one this time, an imp calling himself Flik or something.

It began with myself in a bar. Madelyn was there and so was Bel, but it was like they were the same person having a conversation with theirselves. A halfling came up to me and asked for spare coin so they could get home. I asked where home was and as he tried to explain, the halfling’s appearance shifted to that of a small devil. He ended up sitting in front of me on my table wearing a pirate costume, telling me how he had to get back to this level of hell called “Oak Land”. I told him, given the horrible description, why did he want go back? He replied, “Good question!” and vanished.
The Dream progressed with me leaving the bar and ending up searching for my father only to recall that he was at home, except home in this dream was made of ice and my father rested in middle of it. I couldn’t find the door to get in but I could tell he was in there. The imp appeared again. “You can’t get in. It’s a prison.”

I looked at my icy home and he was right. It wasn’t my home but a massive wall of ice, in which a figure paced impatiently. I call out to the figure but no reply came. I realized then I have no voice when I called. I placed my hand against the ice and tried to shout. This time my voice as strong, clear and I spoke in infernal without fore thought. The figure was there suddenly, all but obscured by the ice. A booming voice entered my ears, “YOU. YOU HAVE MY BLOOD.” There was a brief pause followed by an echoing, dry laugh. “YOU MUST BE THE ONE THAT HORNED DEVIL, VEXXRAX, SPOKE OF. THE TIEFLING SOUL THAT ESCAPED HIS CURSED FIDDLE.” I felt disoriented in my dream like I was really drunk or stoned. The figure spoke again to me, but it was like he was whispering in my ears, “SAVE ME FROM MY ENEMIES.”
I woke up right after that. My hand that had rested on the ice in my dream felt cold and numb. These dreams are getting out of hand. I had dosed off for only 20 or 30 minutes and had such a lucid dream. I worry thing will get worse. Visions, waking dreams? What’s next?



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